Our company was rated as "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" in 2013

 Our company was rated as "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" in 2013
   After nearly five months of strict selection, in September 2013, the first "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" list was published, and a number of "quality stars" including Shenzhen Yuanle Hardware and Plastic Products Factory(the parent company of Orientgarden Co.,Ltd and Yuanle Pigeon Products Co.,Ltd) and Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Skyworth RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. were selected.
   The first "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" was selected under the guidance of Shenzhen Federation of social organizations; Shenzhen Federation of enterprises, Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association, Shenzhen Quality Association, Shenzhen excellent performance management Promotion Association, Shenzhen newspaper group, Shenzhen radio and television group, time merchants magazine, etc. co sponsored by more than 50 industry associations and co sponsored by the people of Shenzhen in recent years Industry organizations participated in one of the most selection activities.
      Since July 2013, the selection activity has been applied for, and a total of 100 "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" have been set up. The selection committee is composed of the person in charge of the organizing committee, representatives of the provincial and municipal people's congresses, members of the provincial and municipal CPPCC committees, expert representatives, representatives of relevant functional departments of the government, representatives of various industry associations, representatives of news media, etc. Through enterprise self recommendation, industry recommendation, expert review, public participation, social supervision and other links, a group of typical enterprises representing Shenzhen quality stand out and appear at the front desk. The list of award-winning enterprises has been published on major media and websites such as Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News and Shenzhen business news.

       It is reported that in order to further establish the corporate image and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, the selection activity of "top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen" will continue to be held. In the future, the selection will be held every three years, so that "Shenzhen Quality" can be fully reflected in brand products and high-quality enterprises, and promote the overall development and sustainable and stable growth of Shenzhen quality.